Vaping Safety in Summer

Vaping Safety in Summer
17/12/2019 No Comments News James Smith

SUMMER IS HERE!. Just a little bit of info on keeping your gear safe in the summer months.

So before there is a bunch of posts about why you juice has turned brown and tastes like a cooking experiment gone wrong, keep this in mind. E-juice is a blend of VG,PG and flavorings plus anything else you may add 😉 when it is exposed to heat it will slowly start to break down, meaning it will basically super steep. So don’t leave it in your car or on the back table, try keep it in a cool shady spot and move surplus juice to your fridge to save it from the dark side.


Now let’s talk batteries. As all of us know batteries get hot, too hot and they pop… not good.Vape batteries have a safe temperature range for usage, the hotter they get the higher the risk of venting. If you are an external battery user don’t stash your spare set in the car and keep your charger out of the sun too. Like charging anything as the charger works it heats up. If your charger has been sitting in the sun there is already heat in the unit, therefore shortening the length of time it will take to get to unsafe levels. Be sure to inspect your batteries regularly for any sign of of overheating and general wear. For internal battery devices, same goes. Keep your device out of the sun, if you do notice your mod is hot leave it to cool down before using it.


Tank users all know the perils of discovering a vape drowned in juice and an empty tank. Heat will do this every time. Tanks work on the viscosity of your e-juice and air pressure forcing the liquid to wick into the cotton at a slow rate. As you can imagine when one or more of these factors are affected by heat the balance is lost and so is a tank of juice. Not only is it messy, if the juice gets into your device it can cause a lot of problems. So to save paper towel and potentially your mod, take it with you.


To be honest one of the biggest things is not leaving anything vape related in a car. We all know Aussie summers are hot and we have all been victims of seat belt branding so don’t let your vape gear be next. In the event that your gear has been left in the sun make sure to not use it until it has cooled off and then check your batteries and components, if you can, before vaping again. Get a man bag if you have to lads and ladies a clutch would definitely be appropriate.


What ever you may be doing, keep it cool and keep it cloudy!

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