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Digitech - Ultrasonic Cleaner

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This unit features a generous 2.5litre 304-grade stainless steel bowl, controllable heating element and digital controls. It comes with a lid (if you are using volatile solvents), features a stylish cabinet design and is supplied with a basket. Very well built. 
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Dimensions
Width 245mm
Height 76mm
Depth 150mm
Weight 2.5kg
Volume Internal 2.5l
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Length 150mm
Width 245mm
Depth 76mm
Power Rating
Continuous Power 180W
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic frequency 42kHz
Timer settings 90sec,3min,4.5min,6.3min,8min
Tank capacity 2.5l
Cleaning Liquid Minimum Level 700ml
Cleaning Liquid Maximum Level 2.1l
Mains powered
Mains lead included
Mains Voltage Range 220V-240V
Rated for AU Mains
Mains Max Power 180W
Mains Item connection Standard IEC320 (C13/C14)
Frequency 50Hz
Rated for US Mains
LED / LCD Display
Display Type LED
Display Characters / Digits 3 digit
Numeric Display
Display Colour Green