October 2019 Wrap Up – The Aftermath and Beginning

October 2019 Wrap Up – The Aftermath and Beginning
17/12/2019 No Comments News James Smith
I often get asked what is my favourite part of the job. A question with an answer so flexible that gymnasts blush… In the beginning it was all passion and I just love talking to people. However it quickly became clear that I had a deep-rooted passion to help others. Guess that volunteer work paid off and I am more like my Mum than I thought. 
Starting by helping mates get vapes and testing out juice from all over the world in the garage drinking and laughing. I have run with what we felt was right supported by some decent analytical data and had great results. We don’t push products we give real accounts of personal experience and the cold facts.
From helping ones with piss poor form in regards to battery safety to the math behind DIY mixing, I have worked with so many different people over the last 2.5 years that I just understand the sell, flex and settle points. I ask questions about who is standing in front of me and use your answers to assist in guiding you to your vape nirvana.
In fact I love vaping, sharing it and standing by people to success so much that I built (literally) 2 stores to help bring this technology to the masses, helping them know and understand it. There has been much sacrificed, like motorcycles, collectibles and even classic cars. We have come all this way thanks to YOU!
Without loyal and trusting customers we could not have come this far! Brisvape’s success is directly proportional to how we do making your experience tops, getting you a vape that is suitable and supporting your transition to a tobacco free future. This is what I take more pride in and care more about than I should.
I seriously wish I could leave you all reviews as customers. 😀
Advocacy is progressing, currently the industry leaders and manufactures are working in collaboration with LVA to fund raise by selling juice. No courage BS required and the full price is returned. With AVATAR silent and NNA defunct it is up to us to save a LIFE SAVING industry from annihilation and the superseding of Vape Shops by BIG TOBACCO and their ICAS rubbish.

So while you’re hear, right now before you leave the page we need your help, by searching us on Google leaving Brisvape a review. Checking in with us and showing us your support helps a lot.

If you do require a restock giving us a look in is all we ask! We can accommodate special orders so make sure you ask! Oh and the old school Kmart Laybuy, we can do that too for Christmas.

The Brisvape Legends 2019 Nominations will kickoff soon, keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Keep it Cloudy and Classy!

Much <3 James

About The Author
James Smith I consider myself a Versatile Technologist with a wide range of experience crossing many platforms, however, I am passionate about Information Security. Being genuinely interested and willing to tackle dirty jobs allows me to stay flexible with workloads to ensure a conducive result for all involved. Communication is where I shine, always attempting to stay vigilant and agile while remaining impartial preserving Integrity. 110% should be the minimum standard because we should all challenge ourselves. I always encourage the celebration of our successes and work on supporting our failures. The faster we get that out of the way, the faster we can fix it, the better the result. Planning for the worst-case scenario often pays, however, is rarely required. I am loud, cheerful and sometimes even comedic relief however I take security in any form (physical and electronic) very seriously.

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