The laws in Australia do state that it is illegal to sell, advertise, and import for resale electronic cigarettes and related products that contain nicotine. Therefore, the many e-cig companies only sell electronic cigarettes and products that contain no nicotine

However, it is very essential to have nicotine in your e-cigarette in order to make a successful transition from tobacco-based cigarettes to e-cigs. If not, you will still crave the nicotine and find yourself bumming durries to satisfy your need, as long as you are old enough to vape in Australia, that age being 18.

You can simply order your nicotine from a company based outside of Australia, and have them delivered directly to your door. Before you order, you must also carefully choose the right nicotine strength and flavor that fits you.

Most commonly people vape at 3, 6, 12, 18 mg/ml.

Not only do you need nicotine to transition, it has to be the right nicotine strength that matches your current cigarette nicotine levels. If you are currently a smoker, your body craves a certain level of nicotine and will continue to do so until that craving is met. If you choose an e-liquid nicotine strength that is too low, your body will crave more nicotine and you will most likely return to your tobacco cigarettes, concluding that the e-cigarettes do not work for you. If you choose an e-liquid nicotine strength that is too high, the experience could be too intense, also leading away.

Also important upon ordering your e-liquid is choosing a flavor that you enjoy. Whether you use a classic tobacco flavor, menthol, clove, or alternative pallets such as fruity or savory, BRisvape has the flavor you need to transition successfully.