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by Jimmy Hafrey

Smokers Save Thousands Each Year By Switching to Ecigs

There are a lot of good reasons to consider trading your old cigarettes for ecigs. For starters, you could eliminate the tobacco, tar, and carcinogens that put your health at risk every day. You could get rid of the ashtray smell and stop bothering others with secondhand smoke. But you might be surprised that you could also save a lot of money. Experts suggest that smokers could save thousands each year just by trading out tobacco cigarettes for ecigs.

Smoking is an expensive habit and rising tobacco taxes are taking a huge toll on smokers around the country. Just 20 years ago, the average price for a pack of cigarettes was $1.76, but today’s national average is $6.15. In some areas, it is much higher with New York City charging a whopping $13 per pack. Not only does smoking drain your budget each week, but it also adds extra financial burden with higher insurance premiums and additional medical expenses.

Pack-a-day smokers suffer a heavy burden from the rising cost of cigarettes and those in New York City spend around $5000 each year just to buy their daily pack of smokes. On average, pack-a-day smokers in the United States are throwing away $2250 each year for cigarettes.

Switching to electronic cigarettes can give immediate relief to this financial burden. Depending on the style and brand you choose, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars every year. For maximum cost savings, it’s wise to invest in a rechargeable ecig starter kit. Your initial cost will be anywhere from $10 to $200 depending on the brand, but it is well worth it to get a quality kit in the long run. After that one time purchase, you will only need to buy cartridge refills or e-liquid and this will cost a fraction of the price of cigarettes.

Analysts suggest that a pack-a-day smoker can purchase enough e-liquid to last for 10 days for only $8. On the other hand, the same individual would spend over $60 for cigarettes in the same amount of time. Saving $52 every ten days is nothing to laugh about and that extra money can add up quickly.

Jim Craig, a long time smoker from Salt Lake City, managed to open a savings account with the money he is saving since he switched to vaping. At 52-years-old, he had been smoking since he was 18 and the rising cigarettes costs were draining his budget. He was spending about $200 per month of cigarettes before he switched to ecigs. “Cigarettes were getting horribly expensive… I’ve thrown endless thousands of dollars away,” he said.

Last year, Craig threw away his cigarettes and bought an electronic cigarette. He instantly went form spending $200 per month on smoking to spending $45 per month on vaping. He is excited to watch those savings add up in his bank account. “What we’re going to do with that money down the road, I don’t know,” he said. “I may save it for retirement or we might decide to take a vacation or something like that.”

A handful of states have started taxing ecigs at higher rates, but they are still much less expensive than cigarettes. If you are still smoking or you have friends that haven’t yet joined the vaping movement, it’s time to spread the word about the financial savings that ecigs could provide.

Have you noticed a big difference in your monthly budget since switching to ecigs? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell us how much money you are saving each month by vaping.

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