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by Jimmy Hafrey

New York Pushes to Ban Flavored E-Cigs and E-Liquids

What is it about New York City and the nanny state mentality? As if their current restrictions in ecigs were already producing bad results, now Councilmen Costa Constantinides is on a mission to get rid of flavored e-cigs and e-liquids. Today, he introduced new legislation that would take all flavored ecigs off the market in America’s largest city. Of course, he has his reasons. “They appeal to children, and we’re taking them out of the market,” he proudly explained.

It’s not surprising that Constantinides has absolutely no evidence to back his claims, but that isn’t stopping him from launching a full throttle campaign against the world of flavored vapes. Unfortunately, he is actually accomplishing little to help children and doing a lot of harm to adult ecig users that rely on flavored e-liquids to help them remain tobacco free.

Last summer, a survey on E-Cigarette Forum found that 75 percent of adult ecig users prefer eliquids in non-tobacco flavors. Around one third preferred fruit flavors, 19 percent chose sweet dessert flavors, and 5 percent opted to vape with savory or spicy flavors. It seems that most vapers actually shy away from tobacco flavored eliquids unless they are making the first transition into the world of ecigs.

Palm Beach Vapors said their sales data echoes the results of the survey. After looking at sales in 14 stores that only sell products to adults, they found that only two of the top 19 flavors were tobacco variants. In fact, the tobacco flavors ranked lowest at 18th and 19th with the supposed juvenile flavors like strawberry and watermelon bringing in far more sales from adult ecig users.

Last year, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health studied this issue to see if flavored e-liquids were really essential for ecigs to be successful. The researchers talked to 4,500 vapers and found that many preferred tobacco flavors when they first tried ecigs, but most quickly switched to other flavors because the variety kept them interested and satisfied with vaping and helped them avoid relapses into smoking.

Unfortunately, naysayers like Constantinides have little use for any research and prefer to make legislation based only on personal biases and faulty assumptions. Gregory Conley, the president of the American Vaping Association, said that flavored ecigs are important and banning them would be a mistake. “Studies show that e-cigarettes, particularly flavored kinds, are effective at helping smokers move away form combustible cigarettes,” he said. “The AVA supports common-sense regulation of its products, such as New York City’s existing ban on (sales) to minors. But adults are free to make their own choices.”

It seems that those freedoms might not last long for New York City vapers. If flavored e-liquids were banned, would you go back to smoking?

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