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by Jimmy Hafrey

New Study Raises Vaper Concern – Are Our Tanks Dangerous?

On Saturday, The New York Times released details on a brand new e-cig study that left a lot of vapers feeling uneasy. The findings will soon be published in a peer-reviewed journal, but the preliminary results are definitely concerning. According to researchers, some high-powered ecigs release formaldehyde, a dangerous carcinogen.

This is the first really worrisome research we have seen for electronic cigarettes and it comes right after the FDA released an official proposal for ecig regulation. The good news is that not all e-cigs are releasing these carcinogens. The problem seems to be isolated to tank systems, the more advanced vaping option with powerful batteries to rapidly heat up e-liquid. Tanks are popular because they produce bigger clouds of vapor and some former smokers enjoy the stronger throat sensation that a higher voltage ecig can provide. However, some models can get so hot that it creates a trace of formaldehyde in the vapor.

So how can you know if your ecig is putting you at risk? According to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, carcinogen levels go up when the battery output is increased from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. While the higher voltage will give you a more potent vapor, it’s also going to use higher heat. That’s what you want to avoid if you are concerned about the potential carcinogens.

Another area for concern is ecig mods. We’ve seen a growing trend where vapers modify their electronic cigarettes to turn up the voltage and increase heat output. While these mods are really unique, powerful vaporizers, the higher heat is also causing a carcinogenic reaction. Likewise, a lot of people have started “dripping” to get more intense vapor. In this popular trend, the vaper adds a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the heating coils. It produces massive clouds of vapor, but researchers report that dripping creates the most dangerous carcinogen levels of all – nearly as dangerous as the concentration found in tobacco cigarettes.

Ultimately, using tank systems, mods, and the dripping method does seem to increase your risk for exposure to carcinogens. But even with that risk, researchers say vaping is a better choice than smoking. Dr. Alan Shihadeh led one of the recent ecig studies and he said he would easily pick an ecig over a regular cigarette. “If I was in a torture chamber, and you said I had to puff on something, I’d choose an e-cigarette over a regular cigarette. But if you said I could choose an e-cigarette or clean air, I’d definitely choose clean air. And I definitely wouldn’t drip.”

Does this research make you have second thoughts about using a tank system? Will you continue using mods and dripping even with the increased risk?

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