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Andrew Laming’s dissenting report took just two sentences

‘Life is short and shorter for smokers. Just legalise vaping’

Andrew Laming MPs courageous stance on vaping

The government report into e-cigarettes took almost a year, ran to 168 pages and recommended changing nothing.

Andrew Laming’s dissenting report took just two sentences.

Yes that's right, Laming's dissenting report called for the legalisation of vaping to save lives.

It is also worth considering Laming's view in light of the fact that prior to entering parliament, he was a Medical practitioner. 

It's safe to say Laming's voice on this subject carries extra weight given his medical background. A former medical practitioner calling for vaping to be legalised - we like that!

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Read more about Laming's phenomenal stance here and view his dissenting report here.

From vapers across the country, thank you Andrew Laming!