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In the Daily Telegraph this week, our Campaign Manager, Brian Marlow hit back at plans to ban vaping in smoke-free zones.

“Smoking kills two in three users, whereas the latest evidence from overseas shows vaping is 95 per cent less harmful,” Mr Marlow said.

“The evidence also shows that the second-hand smoke from vaping has a negligible effect on passers-by."

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The Guardian reports that the health minister Greg Hunt has agreed to an independent inquiry into the health impacts of nicotine e-cigarettes after a concerted push in the Coalition party room over several months to legalise vaping.

Several MPs raised the issue in last months party room meeting, saying there was widespread support within the government for making nicotine e-cigarettes legally available.

The discussion was triggered by the New South Wales Liberal Trent Zimmerman, who earlier this year chaired a parliamentary inquiry into the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers in Australia.

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Vaping and voting

Vaping is illegal apparently reports the ABC. 

So why do we still see people using them, and why is there such a prominent movement behind the instruments?

It turns out you can't sell them for smoking here in Australia and there's a national group pushing for that to change.

Legalise Vaping Australia's campaign manager Brian Marlow spoke about the situation.

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There are renewed calls for nicotine vaping to be made legal in Australia.

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Legalise Vaping Australia in the news
E-cigarette campaigners have headed to the big smoke to convince federal politicians to lift bans on nicotine vaping products.

A recent CSIRO report found regular use of vapers was likely to harm a person's health, but it suggested there were likely benefits in replacing regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes.

Brian Marlow, the campaign manager for Legalise Vaping Australia, said the report quantified points his organisation had been making for years.

"They've shown the gateway theory, that vaping leads to smoking, just doesn't exist; they've shown that vaping reduces smoking rates; they've shown that it's safer than smoking," he said.

"This is not a harmless technology, it's just significantly less harmful than tobacco and that's what we're trying to get across."

Electronic cigarettes heat liquid into vapour for users to inhale.

There are various bans across Australia that restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and liquids containing nicotine.

Many vapers purchase the products online and some don't even know that it's technically illegal.

Mr Marlow went on a road trip around Australia to speak with vapers and learn more about the human side of the technology.

"I met big burly guys that had smoked two packs a day that said they'd quit in a week," he said.

"Some of them were almost in tears talking about how it saved them."

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