Best Practices for Storing Nicotine Liquid

Best Practices for Storing Nicotine Liquid
28/11/2019 No Comments Vapelife James Smith

Best Practices for Storing Nicotine Liquid

Preserving the flavor and quality of your concentrate

Storing your concentrate properly is a no-brainer, so if you’re a veteran vaper, you’re probably already taking the proper steps to preserve the lifespan of your nicotine liquid. However, if you’re fairly new to vaping, or are unsure about the best way to store your vape supplies, you can always ask.

E-Liquid Storage Techniques

Every single one of the hundreds of vape juices we carry is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients. However, like any other consumable product, it does have a shelf life. Properly handling and storing your liquid can go a long way in preserving its taste and preventing it from going stale prematurely. In fact, a bottle of e-liquid can last for up to two years – if you are following the right storage techniques.

Sensitivity to Light and Heat

The main rule of thumb to follow when storing your backup bottles is that vape juice should be kept someplace dark and cool. The nicotine in e-liquid is sensitive to light and heat, and the blend will lose its freshness and flavor faster when exposed to these elements for too long. Low temperatures delay the natural chemical processes in that breakdown vape juice and also slow down the growth of bacteria.

Long-term Storage

Now that you have some ideas on where to store nicotine liquid, it’s time to consider how to store it. The plastic bottles that most liquids come in are not meant for long-term storage, so if you like to buy your e-cig supplies in bulk (and you plan to store your e-juice for a month or longer), then we recommend transferring it to an air-tight bottle with tinted glass. 

Steeping: Yay or Nay?

Oxidation is a naturally occurring reaction that happens to nicotine solutions, this is Steeping!

By doing a quick online search, you will see that there is quite a debate on the technique known as “steeping,” and whether it works. Steeping is the process of soaking vape juice in hot water for a specified amount of time to ripen certain flavors and intensify nicotine potency.


Just keep in mind, nearly all Brisvape juice is ready to vape, however the only real way to steep is time.

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