About one of Australia’s Best E-Cig and E-Liquid Suppliers

In early 2017 James was on the vape train big time… With over a year under his belt of a cigarette free lifestyle other people were taking notice. With no real intention of starting a vape store he started reaching out to suppliers locally and internationally for good deal in a sort of group buy scenario. James and people wanting to couple on their own carriage to this train did the group buys, but there was always something left over. What to do…? We will just post it online.
Brisvape was born.
Starting as Online Only with Local Pickup via Appointment we mainly focused on the New Starters, combining and refining the knowledge required to get people into their first vape and get them enjoying it. The more one enjoys the experience the more likely they will stick to it and kick the habit one and for all. It took hold, James found something he loved, that changed his life and was able to share it with people and watch them change theirs.
James spent a good 2 years working 2 jobs, Boeing as an IT Administrator and the driving force behind Brisvape. Because of this you wouldn’t see him around much. You might catch him on a Saturday, but that was it. The average work week for him was 70 hours and this continued for over 12 months until he bit the bullet.
James is now at Brisvape fulltime to build on its strengths and help everyday Australians with information on vaping and to further the Advocacy effort. Brisvape prides itself on good old fashioned service, honestly and integrity. We don’t push products we push information. Giving you the time and info you need to begin your vape journey… So what are you waiting for?